Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A biblical parable

It starts with James K. Polk winning the 1844 Democratic convention as a dark horse candidate. Because if he had not, there comes into question the timeliness of the great western expansion. And in that time of success and fortune, rose an industrialist, who is of no importance to us other than the fact that this industrialist had a successor who moved west and built a huge mansion with a large and well stocked garage. Wanting only the best, the successor hired a master mechanic to move out west with him. After years of services the master mechanic retired and sold his shares in the railroads and built a diner out of a train car to occupy his golden years. It was mildly successful. After the master mechanic's death, his estate passed to an estrange son from an earlier marriage back east. The estranged son, wanting nothing to do with the diner or the railroad town the diner was in due to the railroad's rapid decline in the face of the national highway system, sold the diner. Then the master mechanic's estranged son took his young wife and moved to the Pacific northwest. The young wife was an avid bird watcher, so the estranged son built a beautiful garden and filled it with all kinds and shapes of bird feeders. They lived happily for many years but eventually the young wife stopped being young and the estranged son became a widower. In the following years the beautiful garden fell into disrepair and the hummingbird feeder developed a slow leak. Perhaps this disrepair was because the estranged son's heart was broken or because he was succumbing to Alzheimer’s, or perhaps because the hummingbirds were too enthusiastic. It took no time at all for a large, thriving colony of ants to develop under the leaking hummingbird feeder. Eventually, the industrialists' successor's mechanic's estranged son stopped refilling the leaking humming bird feeder. The hummingbirds moved on and ant colony weakened and became host to an aggressive fungal disease. Within a week, the spores in the ant carcasses congregated and collectively gave praise and thanks to the Lord our God for this the best possible of all worlds.