Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Austin Comic Con

Jeremy A. Bastian auteur behind "Cursed  Pirate Girl."  CPG has to be the breakaway 2010 critical success.  While the book has had all kinds of success it has had lots of distribution and printing issues.  The indvudial issues and collection are hard to come by and I had feared I would have to buy a copy from a third party Amazon dealer.  I wasn't aware he was attend and I must have walked by his table three time before stumbling across him.  We got a chance to talk for several minutes and I had a chance to pick up the collection of the first three issues.  I look forward to reviewing it.

Andy Hirsch artist of SLG's "Royal Historian of OZ."  As well as auteur of his new self published serires "Varmints."   He has a wide body of short works like "Doggie Houndser: Muttical Dogtor" and "Idle Threat" as well as other on-line comics.  I really really want to see him at Staple: Independent Media Expo.

David Mack is the auteur behind "Kabuki."  He has been working since 1994 but largely went under my radar.  It started amid a slew of comics with cheesecake pinups with swords on the cover "Shi" and "Lady Death."  Recently Indie Spinner Rack brought it to my attention, and just thumbing through it at the library it is startlingly cerebral.   I 've been reading this and a few other collections the breadth and variate of his art and storytelling styles will merit a much longer analysis then I can pt forward now.

Marv Wolfman  is forty year writer and editor veteran of comics.  I had hoped to get my nephews sketch books full of doodles and get my older nephew who is sort of interested in writing a chance to get Mr. Wolfman's autograph.  Unfortunately my brother-in-law and younger nephew came down with the plague.  The my nephew and some of his friends quickly became distracted by all the toys and wall art....

Jeffery Stevenson's mains stream credit is probably as writer "Jim Valentino's Task Force 1" at Shadowline.  I talked to him briefly about his role as writer for creator owned "Steam Punk Faeries" and online comic brat-halla.  We also talked about an opportunity he had to correspond with Marv Wolfman.  He has attend Staple: Independent Media Expo in the past and is thinking about the 2012 con.

Robert Wilson IV artist "Knuckleheads"  I didn't talk to him long I think he did say he was thinking about coming to Staple: Independent Media Expo.   I bought this because it looked art looked like Jamie Hernandez take on Matt Wagner's "Mage."

Isaac Mardis auteur"Defending Neverland" Didn't have time to talk to him but a James M. Barrie interpretation is the fast way to separate me from my money.  At quick glance I can't find any web info in the book : (  But I do have a card.

I picked up two free samples from Penny Farthing Press pfpress.com they look like a neat outfit and there web page is awesome.

With the last few dollars in my account I bought the latest two issues of Richard Moore's  "Gobs." Apparently he has a long history with Antarctic Press.  I may look into them the link is antarctic-press.com , but they seem to be pretty far flung and developed. 

I didn't get a chance to talk to Joe Eisma artist "Morning Glories."